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OSLC Connect for Jira 2.3.0 Release: OSLC Drag & Drop

19 Mar 20
So, we’ve been asking ourselves, how do users expect IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS and Atlassian...

OSLC Connect for Jira 2.2.0 Release: Welcoming DOORS Classic

29 Jan 20
When the OSLC Connect for Jira product was first introduced last year, our objective was to open the Atlassian Jira...

Standard Review Process for Engineering Projects

17 Dec 19
Photo Credit: North Dakota Department of Transportation

What is the Purpose of Traceability?

08 Jul 19
A recent study shows that 74% more vehicles were recalled than were sold last year. Most recalls tend to be minor...

What is Traceability in Software Engineering?

17 Jun 19
When it comes to software engineering, convoluted code can behave in ways that seemingly make no apparent sense....

Enabling the Thread of Engineering with Three New Innovative Products

04 Jun 19
Engineering teams spend over 30% of their time on non-value-added work. That wasted time can lead to poor quality,...

The Albers Group and Sodius Corp. Announce Partnership

16 May 19
[May 16, 2019] [MCKINNEY, TX] The Albers Group (www.thealbersgroup.com), a Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned...

Sodius Announces Merger with Willert Software Tools

23 Apr 19
  Sodius, an engineering software solutions provider, today announced their merger with Willert Software Tools to...

How to Avoid Non-Value Added Work for Engineers

11 Apr 19
As an engineer, what gets you excited about your job? For most, it’s getting to work on really cool projects and...

Jeff Pilato Joins Sodius as Chief Strategy Officer

28 Nov 18
ROYAL OAK, MI (November 28, 2018)

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