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InterConnect 2015, Feb 22-26 Las Vegas

Sodius will be present at InterConnect 2015 Feb 22 – 26 in Las Vegas, NV.
Join us for these sessions whether you’re in Las Vegas or on the other side of the world.

DUE-4861:Challenges and Solutions Implementing a Practical Commercial OSLC PLM Integration with PTC Windchill

In this session, the presenter shares his experiences in choosing open-source software components for the implementation of the commercially available, professionally supported IBM Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapter for the PTC Windchill PDMLink product lifecycle management/application lifecycle management/Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) solution. Technologies discussed include Eclipse, Eclipse Lyo, Lyo OSLC4J, Apache Wink, ANTLR V4, AngularJS, Google Guava, IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM), IBM Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE), and more.
Speakers: Lonnie VanZandt, Sodius US and Gary Cernosek, IBM
Stream: DevOps and Continuous Engineering

DUE-5881:Coordinating Change Management across PTC Windchill PDMLink and Rational Team Concert

Many organizations that use PTC Windchill PDMLink for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) also use other tools for managing change across the electrical, mechanical, and software boundaries of their systems. Lack of proper integration between these tools results in uncoordinated workflows that hamper team collaboration, delivery schedule, and product quality. Faster time-to-market and higher product complexity go even further to drive such organizations to look for a more integrated, automated, and agile solution that supports a continuous delivery model. This workshop will show how PTC Windchill PDMLink integrates with Rational products to bridge the gaps that practitioners experience across their PLM change management workflows.
Speakers: Lonnie VanZandt, Sodius US; Gary Cernosek, William Jones and Samit Mehta, IBM
Stream: DevOps and Continuous Engineering
Track: Continuous Engineering in Practice
SubTrack: Unlocking Engineering Knowledge

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