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Limited-time Offer: Save 50% on upgrade from DXL Free to Pro before 2016 !

For a limited time, you can get DXL Editor Pro for half the price!
Make 2017 the best year yet with the fully-powered features of DXL Editor.

We are transitioning to a single professional license for DXL Editor, and will no longer offer the free version. This will allow the entire DXL Editor community to obtain the benefits of the system’s growing feature set, while gaining equal access to enhancements and the first-rate Sodius support team.

With DXL Editor, you can:

  • Edit easily
  • Browse efficiently
  • Compile automatically
  • Execute directly
  • Debug dynamically

Take advantage of our limited-time discount of 50% to new users who buy before the end of 2016, and increase your efficiency by unlocking the power of debugging.

Request a Quote today for 50% off the DXL Editor Pro, and get the New Year off to a great start!

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