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INCOSE Edinburgh with Smith and Hume

The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) comes to Edinburgh, Scotland — home of economist Adam Smith and of philosopher David Hume — this 18-22 July 2016 for its annual International Symposium on Systems Engineering.

Meet Lonnie VanZandt, Sodius’ Enterprise Architect at IS 2016 throughout the week in the land of empiricism and skepticism.

Come to the International Symposium and network and interact with experts in aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and other industries. INCOSE’s annual International Symposium is the largest annual gathering of systems engineering evangelists and it offers presentations, case studies, workshops, tutorials and panel discussions. The program attracts an international mix of professionals at all levels, and includes practitioners in government and industry, as well as educators and researchers. Come to engage with your colleagues from the Systems Engineering community, to learn about state-of-the-art methods and essential skills for Systems Engineers, and to find out how people are making a difference with Systems Engineering.

Links to Lonnie’s presentations:

        [18 July 2016, Monday, 10:00 BST]

Model Lifecycle Management, What a Bunch of Rhetoric!

        [19 July 2016, Tuesday, 16:15 BST]

Tools Interoperability Working Group Brief

If you attend and meet with Lonnie, you can discuss your information integration and business enterprise architecture challenges with him. Lonnie will be presenting a paper on Model Lifecycle Management, will be giving a Technical Operations brief on the Tools Interoperability Working Group, and will be chairing two presentation sessions. He will be available to speak with you about Sodius’ MDWorkbench products, their MDaccess products, their unique DXL editor for DOORS, their products for AUTOSAR modeling, several innovative collaboration capabilities, and their availability for service engagements.

Take part in this interactive event, and engage in the many networking opportunities with engineering associates, industry representatives, and technology leaders.

Registration details are available here.

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