DXL Editor

Turbo editing for your DOORS database

Improve Efficiency

To overcome the limitations of the DOORS native editor, Sodius has developed the DXL Editor, offering unmatched features to facilitate developers’ lives.

Edit, browse, compile, execute, and debug your scripts with DXL Editor.



Users who need to extend DOORS capabilities with a professional tool


An IDE to easily extend your DOORS functionality


Any industry where DOORS is a key Requirement Management tool


Introduction to DXL Editor for IBM Rational DOORS users

To overcome the limitations of the DOORS native editor, SODIUS has developed the DXL Editor for IBM Rational DOORS. Offering unmatched ...

DXL Editor Debugging

DXL Editor Pro License enables debug features will dramatically speed up the coding process and result in higher quality results. DOORS ...

Where DXL Editor Excels:

Professional DXL (DOORS eXtension Language) developers who need to write, run and debug DOORS extensions in their familiar Eclipse IDE

Edit with ease

  • Syntax Highlight
    Highlights keywords, strings, comments, and function calls.
  • Mark Occurrences
    Dynamically highlights the occurrences of the word currently selected in the editor.
  • Content Assist
    Provides a list of suggested completions for partially entered strings.
  • Text Hover
    Tooltips display the DXL function call’s signature and its associated comment, if any.

Browse efficiently

  • Outline
    The Outline View displays the structure of the DXL file, listing the functions declared within it, and automatically refreshing as you edit the file. Clicking a function in this view causes the editor to jump to the function’s declaration.
  • Project Explorer
    The Project Explorer lets you organize a consistent set of DXL files into projects. DXL Functions are displayed in the project’s view, without the need to open the corresponding DXL file in an editor, enabling you to quickly navigate into your project contents.


  • DXL Compiler
    Each time a DXL file is modified and saved, the DXL compiler is automatically executed on that file. For each error, an annotation is added in the editor sidebar, with a tooltip showing the error message, and the corresponding line is underlined.
  • Problems View
    Navigation through DXL errors for a particular file, project, or entire workspace.


  • Run
    A DXL file can be executed directly from Eclipse.
  • Console
    A console is opened when a DXL file is executed. This console logs any DXL text output, and indicates any DXL windows that may be opened by the executed file. Execution errors are displayed in the console and hyperlinks are available on line numbers to jump to the corresponding location in the DXL editor.

Debug dynamically

  • Debug View
    Display the stack frame for the suspended DXL execution you are debugging, with the list of function calls.
  • Breakpoints View
    See all the breakpoints you currently have set in your workspace.
  • Variables View
    View information about the variables associated with the selected function in the Debug View.
  • Expressions View
    Dynamically execute queries to assist your debugging.

For more information, check out our DXL Editor resources


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