Publisher for Rhapsody

Maximize your investment in your models and your team.
Realize the vision of tool flexibility in generating MagicDraw models directly from your Rhapsody models.


Format Independence for SysML Models

Creating MagicDraw models is a necessary step in today’s multi-tool environment. We understand that the retention of model elements, structure, and diagram layout are critical and required in any workflow. With MagicDraw Publisher for Rhapsody you now can enable your team to explore the business needs of tool flexibility with confidence.

  • Publish your Rhapsody models to MagicDraw to deliver mandated file formats for a customer. Keep your team, training, and licenses with your Rhapsody investment and still deliver to the demands of your customer.

  • Explore your Rhapsody models in MagicDraw for projects that mandate the use of MagicDraw for development. You can now extend the life and value of your Rhapsody models by publishing to MagicDraw.

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Extract, Transform and Load SysML Models from Rhapsody to MagicDraw

With MagicDraw Publisher for Rhapsody, take models and formatting from Rhapsody and move to MagicDraw while keeping all semantics intact.

Rhapsody SysML model element.
Magicdraw SysML model element.

Model Element Publish

Generate a complete MagicDraw model from Rhapsody with a push of a button. Model publish includes all model elements, structure, and hierarchy.


Model Diagram Publish

Publish SysML model diagrams from Rhapsody into MagicDraw. MagicDraw diagrams remain faithful to the content, layout, and modeler intent while adopting modeling style conventions of MagicDraw.


Configurable Diagram Defaults

Configure the default visualization of artifacts published to MagicDraw. Address your style rules for MagicDraw to meeting organization or customer conventions without modifying your Rhapsody model.


Focus on the Enterprise

Large models are common in the industry. Our solution scales to the needs of your transformation whether it is 100s of diagrams or 1000s. Also provided is the ability to script transformations to enable your team’s workflow and automation needs.

Why Choose the Publisher for Rhapsody?


Save Engineering Time

Save months or years of critical engineering resources converting and validating re-written models. Automate the migration or publication of models to MagicDraw and meet industry standards within minutes with the Publisher for Rhapsody.

data integrity

Maintain Data Integrity

Manually migrating data from one SysML tool to another can be prone to error. The Publisher for Rhapsody accurately migrates model elements, diagram and, layouts created in your Rhapsody model to MagicDraw.


Improve Your Return On Investment

Building complex Rhapsody models and correctly converting them into MagicDraw can take engineering teams months or even years to complete. The Publisher for Rhapsody automates model migrations and significantly reduces critical manpower costs.

Are you ready to get started?

Enabling the Thread of Engineering

We have the right tool for the job.

Easily move your models from Rational Software Architect to MagicDraw.

Easily move your models from Rational Software Architect to MagicDraw.

Whether your goal is to migrate or deliver in the MagicDraw format, the MagicDraw Publisher for RSA makes it easier for you to convert your models instantly.

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Transform System Architect DoDAF to MagicDraw UPDM models.

Transform System Architect DoDAF to MagicDraw UPDM models.

Transform your System Architect DoDAF 2.0 models to MagicDraw UPDM 2.1 models in the push of a button!


Full-circle Engineering Design Review web-platform.

Full-circle Engineering Design Review web-platform.

SECollab is the most efficient web-platform that aligns design configurations across a project with different tools in a unified environment.

Turbo Editing For Your DOORS Database

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To overcome the limitations of the DOORS native editor, SodiusWillert has developed the DXL Editor, offering unmatched features to facilitate developers’ lives.