MD Access DOORS Data Management Tools

Access your requirements in DOORS using pure Java without the need to learn the DXL language.

DOORS Systems Engineering Tool and Collaborative Engineering Software

DOORS Systems Engineering Tools and IBM Rational Tools


  • Pure Java instructions to read and write DOORS information
  • Access all information on a DOORS Object, Formal Module, Link Module and LinkSet
  • Read from multiple baselines
  • Update all requirement and formal module fields using Java
Data Management Tools and DOORS Systems Engineering Tool

Powerful Database Viewer

Debug your DOORS database to understand the data you need to access.

With the MDAccess for DOORS database viewer, you can:

  • Navigate the database
  • See all the information
  • Conduct plain text search
  • Explore using a visual topology
Engineering Software Tools and Design Integration Software

Sharing Information

Your data can be exported or imported into DOORS using only Java commands.
Your application can be a standalone application, embedded in an external application, or run automatically as a service – just like any standard Java application.

Other supported applications include:

  • SPARX Enterprise Architect
  • NoMagic MagicDraw
  • Rational Software Architect
  • Rational System Architect
  • Rational Rhapsody
  • PTC Integrity
  • XML
  • …and many others.


Who benefits from MDAccess for DOORS?

Any developer that needs to access DOORS requirements

to create custom applications or interfaces.

What can MDAccess for DOORS do for you?


Provide a pure Java interface for DOORS.


Provide a model debugger to view the DOORS database structure.


Eliminate the need to write or debug DOORS DXL scripts.

Where MDAccess for DOORS Excels:

MDAccess for DOORS overcomes the limitations of DXL script development by utilizing

the standard Java language to read and write DOORS requirements.

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