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Prepare for a tool set that will make your model transformation efforts and incurred costs a thing of the past.


The Java-based environment that allows development teams to easily write complex rules to transform engineering data. For example, part of a Simulink model can be transformed into a SysML model,  or written into a Excel file, a IBM DOORS database, etc.

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The set of components for MDWorkbench that allows users to access a multitude of proprietary formats. MDAccess components let you access formats from many of the existing modeling tools vendors (IBM, NoMagic, Spark, Mathworks, etc) or requirement management tools (IBM DOORS, etc), or Microsoft tools.

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Browse your IBM Rational DOORS requirements from your favorite Eclipse IDE and add traceability links to your IBM Rational Software Architect engineering assets with a simple drag & drop.

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A full featured IDE to generate SystemC code from your UML models.

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