Maximize the value of your proprietary data sources by making them available across multiple tools.

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Access to Proprietary Data Formats

Access to Proprietary Data Formats

MDAccess components, when used in MDWorkbench, provide direct access to proprietary data formats using the Java language.
The data formats that can be accessed through the use of the MDAccess components are:

  • IBM Rational DOORS databases
  • IBM Rational Rhapsody
  • IBM Rational System Architect
  • Mathworks Simulink
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Mega Hopex
  • No Magic MagicDraw and Cameo Modeler
Your Own Data Format

Your Own Data Format

If the data format necessary to support your business needs is not in the list above, please contact us for availability.

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Who benefits from MDAccess?

Development teams needing to access information in any engineering application that want to save time and improve quality by using off-the-shelf components.

What can MDAccess do for you?


Access proprietary data formats from popular engineering tools


Use Java to access data from any application


Save development time by using existing components

Where MDAccess Excels:

MDAccess components let you access all your proprietary data formats such that information exchanged and transformed across your business processes can be highly automated through complex rule definitions in MDWorkbench.

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