Bring Your DOORS Requirements into Eclipse

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Get a Powerful DOORS Navigator

Get a Powerful DOORS Navigator

Bring your requirements in DOORS directly into your Eclipse IDE to facilitate your development.
  • Browse
    All folders, projects and formal modules are shown in Eclipse, with the ability to browse the contents of the formal modules. The content of folders and modules is retrieved on-demand, to ensure rapid access to your DOORS objects.
  • Search
    Search your DOORS elements based on simple wildcard and character combinations. The search applies on the selected branch of a DOORS structure allowing you to narrow the search scope.
  • Filter
    Filter DOORS elements based on criteria, as well as the defined views and baselines for the formal modules.
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Connect DOORS to RSA

Connect DOORS to RSA

Smart integration of DOORS and Rational Software Architect allowing you to link modeling artifacts to DOORS requirements.
  • Linking
    Seamlessly build relations between DOORS requirements and RSA models (or vice versa).
  • BIRT Reporting
    Create DOORS traceability reports with Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT).
  • Impact Analysis
    By using MDConnect for DOORS, you benefit from the built-in RSA traceability and impact analysis tool.
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Who Benefits from MDConnect for DOORS?

Users who need to view their requirements as they develop in Eclipse.

What can MDConnect do for you?


View and edit your DOORS requirements directly from the Eclipse editor.


Link RSA UML models with DOORS requirements by drag and drop.


Produce traceability reports directly from Eclipse.

Where MDConnect for DOORS Excels:

MDConnect for DOORS brings a modern and powerful DOORS database editor into Eclipse. With its RSA Extension, you can directly link your UML elements to DOORS requirements, and report on your model coverage.

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