OSLC Connect for Jira

Connect Jira artifacts with engineering assets of the enterprise. Whether you’re connecting to IBM’s ELM products or other OSLC compliant products, you can achieve visibility and traceability natively in Jira. OSLC Connect for Jira enables the power of OSLC without having to leave Jira or learn a new toolchain.

Connecting Jira to the Engineering Enterprise

With OSLC Connect for Jira, you can link Jira with OSLC engineering applications and create traceability across repositories. You can connect Jira to IBM’s ELM products or any other OSLC-compliant products to achieve organization value and efficiencies.

  • Connect your Quality team with your Software Team in Jira with linked Jira Tickets to RQM Test Results
  • Connect your Systems team with your Software Team in Jira with Stories linked to DNG Requirements
  • Connect your Product team with your Software Teams with Epics and Stories linked to Product Change Requests in Windchill (using OSLC Connect for Windchill)
  • Connect every Jira Team to the OSLC Ecosystem!
Connecting IBM products or engineering applications to Jira for better visibility and traceability across teams.

OSLC Connect for Jira product features

Live traceability

Create links across repositories and view authorized data from remote repositories in previews. This is a necessary foundation for traceability and impact analysis required for standards such as ASPICE and ISO 26262.

Live traceability by linking remote repositories inside Jira.

Deep Integration with IBM ELM

Integrate with the IBM solution to use Jira as a native Change Management provider. Provides support for IBM’s Global Configuration within Jira as well as the custom configuration of default data types created from ELM.

Integration of the IBM solution inside Jira to use as a native Change Management provider.

Deep Integration with Atlassian Jira

Access OSLC natively in Jira via the standard link support. Access the live status of OSLC artifacts (test results, requirements, etc.) via rich hovers on your Jira artifacts. Perform JQL queries that leverage OSLC link data.


Reporting across Repositories

Leverage TRS and IBM Report Builder to have integrated reports of ELM and Jira data to support organizational objectives and metrics. Now leverage a single tool to report on the entire enterprise with OSLC.

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Develop Models in IBM Rhapsody

Develop Models in IBM Rhapsody

Extract and transform IBM Rhapsody SysML models to reuse in MagicDraw with the MagicDraw SysML Publisher for Rhapsody.

Consistent Traceability Analysis

Consistent Traceability Analysis

With OSLC Connect for Windchill, your PLM assets and ALM platform are now directly connected through enterprise-ready OSLC technology.

Turbo Editing For Your DOORS Database

Turbo Editing For Your DOORS Database

To overcome the limitations of the DOORS native editor, Sodius has developed the DXL Editor, offering unmatched features to facilitate developers’ lives.

Reduce Development Time

Reduce Development Time

SECollab is the most efficient platform that aligns design configurations across a project with different tools in a unified environment.

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