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Design Reviews

SECollab is the most efficient platform to handle full-circle design reviews for a set of artifacts stemming from different tools in a seamless environment.

Designers can directly comment and graphically annotate designs in the web-browser. In addition, designer can link tasks and use semantic links to trigger further actions from their model reviews.


Data Federation

Modeling is a powerful paradigm to represent relationships between a set of engineering artifacts.

SECollab allows project managers to federate designs from multiple tools within the same web-based environment. Examples of such data are requirement projects (e.g. from IBM DOORS), engineering models (UML, SysML, NAF, etc.).


Model Rendering

Modeling is a powerful paradigm to represent relationships between a set of engineering artifacts.

Designs gathered on the SECollab platform are rendered and become fully navigable directly in the web-browser. Reviewers are able to view and browse them without the need for a tool license to open any of the supported formats.



Provides full exposure and links across design.

SECollab exposes the individual elements of each design artifact and requirement document to enable full traceability across the entire set of engineering artifacts. By using OSLC semantics to describe the information coming from the engineering tools, any design or requirement element can be linked to any other element whether or not it originated in the same application.

What Can SECollab Do for you?

Review model data across distributed stakeholders.
Share data broadly through a diverse tool chain without incurring high tool license costs.
Enable OEMs and suppliers to review models without matching tool chains.

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