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We improve IBM Rhapsody with several market-defining features such as the Rhapsody AUTOSAR Toolkit, the Rhapsody in Ada code generator, and the Rhapsody Rules Composer that enables the easy export and import of models with Rhapsody.

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No Magic

We augment the exchange capabilities of No Magic’s Cameo modeling suite by providing the technology in Cameo Workbench – the model transformation engine that can convert Cameo models to and from several other formats, such as Rhapsody, System Architect, and Excel.

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Our biggest reward is customer recognition when our technology helps them defend their market share. We help JAMA compete in the Requirement Management market with a customized migration solution. Check their website to read about their world-class solution – built by Sodius!

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At ANSYS, Medini Analyze is an integrated solution to support activities around safety with a need to integrate with engineering processes. At Sodius we provide that critical integration brick, which allows Medini to connect to IBM Rational DOORS and PTC Integrity.

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Tasktop Sync

Tasktop Sync’s mission is to reconcile cross-disciplinary development teams with providing a synchronization mechanism that connects software development to the rest of the enterprise. Sodius helps Tasktop broker this connection with IBM DOORS and PTC Integrity.

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BTC Embedded Tester provides a bridge between the design model, source code and testing. At Sodius we provide key components to enable linking with IBM Rational DOORS and PTC Integrity requirements.

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