No Magic Design Integration Software and Model Rendering Platform

With Sodius’ technology, NoMagic offers unique capabilities for their flagship tool – Cameo Tool Suite.

Cameo Inter-Op Design Integration Software and Data Retention Software

Cameo Inter-Op

Using Sodius Technology-based Cameo Inter-Op, IBM Rhapsody, or Unicom System Architect will easily communicate and share data with NoMagic MagicDraw. Cameo Inter-Op is an integral part of No Magic’s Cameo Suite, providing true interoperability to customers by enabling connectivity between vendors.

  • Conversion of IBM Rhapsody files
  • Conversion of TeamBlue System Architect files
Cameo Workbench PTC Software Products and Design Integration Software

Cameo Workbench

This NoMagic product enhances Cameo Inter-Op by providing customers control of their own interoperability destiny. Cameo Workbench is actually an instantiation of MDWorkbench tailored to NoMagic’s needs!

  • Fully customized set of transformations
  • Components to read from proprietary formats
  • Allows quick creation of complex conversion rules
  • Extends Cameo InterOp cabilities
  • Based on Sodius MDWorkbench