Is your data in the dark?


We get it
We get the problem. We get the data. We deliver interoperability solutions that unlock assets and empower innovation.

Whether it is a one-off migration, permanent synchronization, or the linking of elements across your engineering landscape, we have the industry experience, application know-how and existing technology to unleash your engineering data.


the best collaboration infrastructure for your custom needs

Our solutions begin with a comprehensive system of tools that we have honed over decades. We further extend our industry-leading products, such as MDWorkbench and SECollab, to create a custom integration and collaboration solution that accelerates your engineering. Our infrastructure solutions serve customers across aerospace, defense, and automotive industries.


We move it
Whether you need to migrate data between application formats or convert your models into different formats, we can help.

We routinely migrate data (including diagrams) between UML tools, convert IDEF models into UML UPDM models as well as salvage data spread across legacy systems into a unified view.

give us data migration mission

Our experience moving data across the leading engineering tools of yesterday and today can be harnessed to solve your toughest data migration missions. Whether it is a strategic tool migration or integrating disparate data sets across your teams, we deliver efficient migration and data bridging solutions.Examples include DOORS to DOORS Next Generation and Unicom System Architect to IBM Rhapsody.

We sync it
Automated information exchanges triggered by your process workflow ensure that the right information is communicated at the right time.

Using our transformation technology and code/artifact generation algorithms, we have developed server-based solutions that automatically monitor for data changes and propagate data across engineering teams.


outsource your model-driven engineering software components

Like we do for IBM and other leading organizations, we use our expertise to improve your products and workflows. Instead of maintaining costly components
around interoperability, code generation and collaboration in house, you can focus your resources on your core functionality and let Sodius handle these integration features for you. Our expertise will ensure that these features are always up to date and market compatible.


We link it
Being able to see how information in your development process is related across your teams is crucial to your business, yet the different repositories and formats across your enterprise inhibit this visibility.

Sodius breaks down these barriers by letting you access your information wherever it is stored. Leveraging semantic Web’s standards such as OSLC, our solutions provide the infrastructure to create, view and report on linkages across your data.

your own data format in MDworkbench or SECollab

Are you ready to leverage our flagship tools, MDWorkbench and SECollab, but don’t see your current data format on our list? We can support your data format
in a cost-efficient manner, enabling a full integration of our off-the-shelf products into your environment.

Been there. Done that.

Our experts have worked with most systems engineering, modeling, enterprise architecture, PLM and requirement tools in the market. Some of the most common applications and formats are shown below:

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