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If you are a MathWorks SIMULINK user and need to integrate the tool with your IT ecosystem or perform a data migration, we help you extract, transform, and reuse your models across your business processes and tools.

Data Extraction and Transformation with Design Integration Software and Formal Process Review

Data Extraction & Transformation

We provide a set of connectors for MathWorks SIMULINK so your engineers can extract and transform their models and reuse them on other platforms.

Our connectors provide a standard Java API that can be integrated into your own code. Alternatively, we provide services around end-to-end integration of your tool chain.

Our services are based on our best-selling MDWorkbench platform that allows engineers to use our connectors to create continuous model transformation processes, enabling the synchronization of engineering datasets around multiple tools. For example, we can set-up live data replication mechanisms between Mathworks SIMULINK and any of their peers in the industry.

Design Integration Software and Data Retention Software

MathWorks SIMULINK to Rhapsody Model System Architecture Import

Many engineers use SIMULINK for prototyping, yet it behooves them to express these models into a systems engineering language to enable their reuse across multiple SysML-compliant tools and to drive system engineering projects.

For that reason, we provide our customers with the capability to automatically create system architectures in Rhapsody from SIMULINK models. Using our flagship product MDWorkbench, we help our customers to extract information from SIMULINK and transform it to be leveraged across multiple tools.

Engineering Design Reviews and Data Retention Software

Rhapsody & MathWorks SIMULINK Integration for Advanced Simulation

The joint use of Rhapsody and MathWorks SIMULINK enables engineers to reach the next level in simulation capability.

In particular, control engineers require complex simulation functions which are typically available in tools such as SIMULINK. With the use of specialized services on top of our MDWorkbench platform, we enable our customers to integrate SysML model with SIMULINK so that behavioral aspects, i.e. simulation needs, of the SysML model are handled in SIMULINK.

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MathWorks SIMULINK to [Put Your Modeling Tool Name Here]

Whatever your data migration or tool integration needs are, Sodius is the best company in the market to enable the transformation of model-based engineering data or integration from SIMULINK to any modeling tool.

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