PTC Software Products and Data Retention Software and Engineering Software Tools

If you are a PTC Integrity user and need to integrate the tool with your IT ecosystem or perform a data migration, we help you extract, transform, and reuse your models across companies and suppliers.

Comply With Engineering Requirements and Data Collaboration Tools

Data Extraction, Transformation, & Repository Synchronization

We provide a set of connectors for PTC Integrity so your engineers can extract and transform their models to reuse them on other platforms.

Our connectors provide a standard Java API that can be integrated with your own code. Alternatively, we provide services around end-to-end integration of your tool chain.

Our services are based on our best-selling MDWorkbench platform that allows engineers to use our connectors to create continuous model transformation processes, enabling the synchronization of engineering datasets around multiple tools. For example, we can set-up live data replication mechanisms between PTC tools and any of their peers in the industry.

PTC Software Products and Data Collaboration Tools

Data Synchronization Between IBM DOORS & PTC Integrity

We enable the process-coordinated exchange of product requirements models between IBM DOORS (for automotive OEMs) and PTC Integrity (for suppliers).
PTC Software Products and Mega Enterprise Architecture

PTC Integrity to [Put Your Requirements Tool Name Here]

Whatever your data migration or tool integration needs are, Sodius is the best company on the market to enable the transformation of model-based engineering data or integration from PTC Integrity to any requirement management tool.

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