Tasktop Sync Services

As Tasktop’s first certified services partner, Sodius’ Services team is on call to offer Tasktop Jumpstart Deployments

Enterprise Architecture consultations to determine:

  • Business pains
  • Solution objectives
  • Existing enterprise repositories
  • Patterns of usage throughout the organization
  • Data formats
  • Crafting of fit-for-purpose synchronization mappings
  • Pre-deployment verification strategies
  • Post-deployment validation acceptance tests

Optionally, implementation of the fit-for-purpose mappings between each pair of repositories including:

  • Attribute mapping
  • Artifact hierarchy mapping
  • Artifact workflow state management

Sodius can also be retained to implement innovative connectors for repositories of ALM and PLM information that are not currently offered in Tasktop Sync’s out-of-the-box offerings. Sodius is the solution provider behind Tasktop’s connectors for IBM Rational DOORS and for PTC Integrity and we can exploit that expertise for integrating your particular repositories within Tasktop Sync’s enterprise synchronization hub.