Unicom System Architect and Design Integration Software and Eclipse Modeling Framework

If you are a Unicom System Architect user and need to integrate the tool with your IT ecosystem or perform a data migration, we help you extract, transform, and reuse your System Architect models across your business processes and tools.

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Data Extraction & Transformation

We provide a set of connectors for Unicom System Architect such that your engineers can extract and transform their models to reuse them on other platforms.

Our connectors provide a standard Java API that can be integrated in your own code. Alternatively we provide services around end-to-end integration of your tool chain.

Our services are based on our best-selling MDWorkbench platform that allows engineers to use our connectors to create continuous model transformation processes that enable the synchronization of engineering datasets around multiple tools. For example, we can set-up live data replication mechanisms between System Architect and any of their peers in the industry.

sodius diagram unicom system architect

Team Collaboration between System Architect & Mega around NAF

We have helped our clients in the defense industry transform and exchange models in the NATO Architecture Framework between System Architect and Mega HOPEX Architect.

Models are exchanged across a neutral NAF repository that enables both tools to maintain their proprietary semantics, while exchanging complex models based on our efficient MDWorkbench platform.

sodius diagram unicom system architect

Created in MagicDraw, Delivered in System Architect

We provide our customers with the flexibility to author their engineering models in MagicDraw while meeting the needs of their customer contract that requires them to deliver the models in the System Architect format.

We have built an automated model transformation platform based on MDWorkbench to allow them deliver compliant models with the click of a button.

UNICOM System Architect

UNICOM System Architect to [Put Your Modeling Tool Name Here]

Whatever your data migration or tool integration needs are, Sodius is the best company on the market to enable the transformation of model-based engineering data or integration from Unicom System Architect to any modeling tool.

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